Black Sparrow Ranch
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Black Sparrow Ranch
Registered Miniature Harlequin Sheep - A Rare Spotted Breed

Black Sparrow Ranch

McLoud, Oklahoma


Home of Registered Miniature Harlequin Sheep

As of 2018, there were fewer than 650 registered miniature Harlequin sheep.

Aspen - Harlequin Ram Lamb

Aspen - Harlequin Ram Lamb

The Harlequin Breed

=This rare American breed is the perfect addition to many farms and homesteads:

  • Flashy Appearance - Contrasted spots in varied patterns, often with highly-desired blue eyes.

  • Small Stature - Miniatures are easier to handle than larger breeds and require less acreage.

  • Sweet Dispositions - Calm demeanor, inquisitive personalities, known as the “fun” mini sheep.

  • Naturally Polled / Hornless - Less likely to injure themselves and others.

  • Excellent Mothers - Often have unassisted births, multiples are common.

  • Prized Wool - Fine, medium staple length, processed to a beautiful light gray color.

  • Ideal Grazers - Can easily maintain lawns, pastures, vineyards, and orchards.

  • Adorable - Need we say more?


Our ewes are bred in the fall for mid to late Spring lambing. When the lambs are completely weaned, a limited number will be available to purchase. All lambs will be registered with the Harlequin Sheep Society Registry, have appropriate paperwork and receive necessary medical treatments prior to being transferred to their new owners.

Pricing is determined by generation, markings, eye color, and gender.

If you are interested in purchasing a lamb from Black Sparrow Ranch, there are several options available. Please see our reservations page for more info.

Please note, sheep are a flock animal and CANNOT live a happy life alone. Therefore, we will not sell a single lamb to anyone who does not already have at least one sheep companion. Proper accommodations (shelter, fencing, etc.) are also required.

Panda - Miniature Harlequin Ewe

Panda - Miniature Harlequin Ewe

One of our LGDs Arthur with ducks Snoop & Dre

One of our LGDs Arthur with ducks Snoop & Dre

Our Home

Black Sparrow Ranch lies on 25 acres just outside of Oklahoma City in McLoud, Oklahoma. Owned by Aaron and Beth Byard, we are the only breeders of American Miniature Harlequin Sheep in the state of Oklahoma.

Although the sheep are our emphasis and priority, we are also home to a couple of cantankerous llamas named Lola and Abe, our livestock guardians Arthur and Sadie, a few ducks, three spoiled house cats, and a revolving door of fosters both of the animal and human kind.

Our goal is not only to improve the young Harlequin sheep breed through purposeful breeding, but also to introduce this rare sheep to anyone who may not have been lucky enough to cross their path.

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baby, don’t herd me
don’t herd me.
no more.

A blue-eyed girl crazy about grain. A stocky ram who finally has his own herd. A wee lamb with hearts on his legs. To learn more about the individual members of our wooly family that make up our Black Sparrow Ranch, click the button below.


Life is better with sheep.


19733 SE 134th St McLoud, Oklahoma